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Our gastroenterology department specializes in the treatment of disorders affecting the GI tract including but not limited to liver disease, Crohn's Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and ulcers.  We have the ability to perform sigmoidoscopies on site and perform numerous other procedures at Rockingham Memorial Hospital.
Colonoscopies are performed to assist in diagnosing GI problems and to screen for colon cancer.  Patients are first seen in the office for a basic exam and to review the procedure.  Before leaving, our nursing staff will personally sit down with each patient to schedule the procedure, review the preparation, and answer any questions.  Screening colonoscopies are recommended for everyone beginning at age 50 (or 10 yeasr earlier than a family member was diagnosed).   
The PillCam is a very small camera used to examine the small intestine.  It is used in cases when upper and lower endocscopies have not resulted in a diagnosis.
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